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My name is Amy Brooks. I have an undergraduate Psychology degree, and a Master’s in Education, specializing in Rehabilitation Counseling, both from Kent State University in Ohio.

I am most happy when I am helping others to think creatively to reach goals. Working with people of all abilities in the professional capacity for 15 years, I find the most success in tutoring through interactive, person-centered activities. Currently, I am working with children and teens teaching ESL, Language Arts, Self-esteem, and Social Skills. My students learn both in person, and while using online tutoring platforms; each allows for a successful connection and interactive lesson. This is especially helpful when building student trust and confidence. I have had the opportunity to learn to use their diverse learning styles to the students’ advantage and pride myself on flexibility to find what strategies work best for each unique learner.  First and foremost, I strive to encourage people to discover their abilities, strengths, and support needs in innovative ways.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling to new places, reading, writing, playing board games with friends and family and meeting new people. Another motto of mine is “Learning can be fun”!


"Amy tutored my daughter during her freshman year of High School in 2022.  Not only did Amy do an amazing job coaching my daughter through different subjects, she also provided very useful tips for studying strategies and how to stay organized. Above all else, Amy provided positivity during a very depressing time in my daughter's life. Amy was always ready with a sweet 'Way To Go' gift or treat and would often send 'Thinking of You' positive texts when she knew my daughter had an upcoming assignment or test they had worked on together. Amy is a positive and inspirational force to be reckoned with.  We could all use a life cheerleader like Amy on our side!"

- Melissa Fisher, parent

"Amy tutored me for a semester my freshman year.  Comparing that semester to my previous one, my grades improved dramatically. The ONLY reason I left was because of summer break! Not to mention I didn't need as much help anymore because of the great skills she taught me. Overall, I would give her a 10/10 and highly recommend!"


- Brynn Fisher, student

"Our son started kindergarten in 2020, when the majority of his learning consisted of online and parent instruction. After he entered first grade we quickly realized he was behind with his reading, at which time we started looking for a tutor to supplement his classroom learning. Once we were introduced to Amy it was an instant fit for my son. Her student centered approach made learning fun and effective for our son who has increased his Fountas and Pinnell reading level from a C to a J in the past year that he has worked with Amy. Furthermore, he genuinely enjoys her lessons and never protests an hour after school of additional learning with Amy. Amy always goes above and beyond with her lesson plans, often catering to our son’s latest passion. She provides frequent updates on our son’s progress and items covered during their time together. Amy is an amazing educator and her dedication to our son’s development is unmatched."

Krista Zuchowski, parent

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