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Independent Facilitation

Independent Facilitation (IF) services are available to participants in California's Self-Determination Program (SDP):

  • Leading, assisting, participating, and/or advocating during Person-Centered Planning (PCP) meetings

  • Helping to make informed decisions about annual spending budgets

  • Locating, accessing, and coordinating services and supports

  • Assisting in identifying immediate and long-term goals and needs

  • Developing options to meet goals and needs

  • Advocating for supports

We welcome all ages and locations, and can provide interpretation and translation services in Spanish, Swedish, and American Sign Language (ASL).


“We are grateful to have Molly on our team as an IF. Her expertise and experience in the field as well as her superb organizational and communication capabilities proved to be essential in securing the needed budget for our services. Also, we relied on her coaching ability when one of our underperforming service providers needed help and advice.”

- Jana B (parent)

"When we were looking for help understanding the Regional Center’s Self Determination Program (SDP), my family needed someone who could clearly explain how the program worked and what was needed in order to get a plan successfully implemented for our 18-year-old daughter.


We were so fortunate to discover Molly K. Rearick Day at Educators & Advocates | MKRD Consulting. Molly took the time to educate us about the SDP and what steps we needed to take to move forward. She broke everything down into plain language, was very patient in answering all of our questions, and helped us develop a great Person Centered Plan that will serve as a roadmap for our daughter’s future.


Life is stressful and uncertain when transitioning a child with disabilities into the adult world. It is a relief to have a kind person on your side that not only “gets it” but is an incredible advocate, as well."

- Kathy S (parent)

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