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Reflection On "All Good People Here"

by Ashley Flowers

I did something WAY out of my norm and listened to a novel rather than a non-fiction book. For this diversion I chose All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers because on some road trip or another my wife and I got hooked on the Crime Junkie podcast hosted by Ashley and Brit Prawat. The book is predictable á la Murder, She Wrote, which I loved watching as a child with my Mormor (grandmother). There's something comforting about knowing the good person wins and the bad person gets caught, and I especially loved the female-driven story.

As an aside, I cannot stand violence in real life or in TV shows or movies, and somehow it doesn't bother me on podcasts or in books. As of now I'm sure what to do with this information - I'm sure to process and write about it soon!

“This life — her family, their farm and house — wasn’t what she’d wanted, wasn’t even close, but it was more than she’d ever had before, and so she held on to it, hands tight.” - Ashley Flowers, All Good People Here
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