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What's wrong with the readiness model?

Who's ever really "ready?"

People with disabilities are expected to be "ready" for something before actually trying it. They are held to a standard reserved only for people with diagnoses.

Want a job at a local grocery store? If you're non-disabled, go ahead! If you're disabled, you're going to need a job coach to get you "ready" before you're allowed to try, you're going to need to "volunteer" for unpaid work to prove your worthiness, and even then you probably won't make real money.

How many of us are "ready" for things before we try them?

What happened to learning as we go?

a bag of groceries
a bag of groceries

"One of the biggest myths in Job Placement (Vocational Rehab) is that you have to be Job Ready to go to work! If that were true - there would not be any incompetent people working today!" - Bill Santos, 2014
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